SPECIALIST+ screwdriver bit PH0

Product code: 24-0001

* Phillips type bit (simple +); * Made of the highest-grade S2 steel to ensure rigidity and durability; * Precisely accurate geometry of the bits to ensure excellent engagement with the screw; * Bits are tempered in several stages to ensure maximum rigidity; * Convenient and informative sales stand for the sellers and buyers' convenience. * TITANIUM (yellow) - the bit is coated with a layer of titanium; the surface becomes up to 3 times harder; the bit withstands higher torque due to the hardened surface and more flexible inside of the titanium bit; * TITAN-CARBON (black) - it is the best of what we have; a combination of durability and comfort; double coating makes the surface of the bit even harder; the bit simply engages with the socket; therefore, the bit does not slide out, thus its service life is extended; milled precisely accurate geometry of the bits to ensure excellent engagement with the screw; * Diamond - (silver) with an additional diamond coating simply engaging with the socket of the screw; therefore, operating the bit is very safe and simple, the possibility of slipping is very low, there is almost no more need to use pressure force when tightening. The shape of the torsion bit allows amortizing sudden stopping of the screw; therefore, the bit does not break.

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Screwdriver bit length, mm: 25
Screwdriver head type: PH
Nozzle size: PH0
Type of enclosure: Hex 1/4