SPECIALIST+ screwdriver bit T30 50 mm

Product code: 24/2-0029

TORX driver bits made of S2 top quality steel to ensure secure fastening and long service life. High precision bit geometry for perfect grip with the screw. Several tempering stages of the bits guarantee maximum hardness. Torx Grip with extra ribs that fit tightly into the screw recess ensuring low probability of slipping, stronger fit and prevent falling off the driver bit. Torsion bit shape allows better amortisation at a sudden stop of the screw preventing it from breaking.

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4.63 €

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(4.63 € / Units)
  • Manufacturer
  • Type of rotating nozzle
  • Nozzle size
  • Length of twist nozzle, mm
  • Type of enclosure
  • Suitable for impact
  • Top product
  • Units per pack

This combination does not exist.

Manufacturer: Specialist+
Type of rotating nozzle: TX
Nozzle size: TX30
Length of twist nozzle, mm: 50
Type of enclosure: Hex 1/4
Suitable for impact: +
Top product: Yes
Units per pack: 3