SPECIALIST+ screwdriver bit TITAN, PH2, 2 pcs

Product code: 24/2-057

* Bits are coated with a layer of titanium; the surface becomes up to 3 times harder; * Titanium layer prevents corrosion; * Bits withstand higher torque due to the hardened surface and more flexible inside of the titanium bit; * Precisely accurate geometry of the bits to ensure excellent engagement with the screw.

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  • Manufacturer
  • Screwdriver head type
  • Nozzle size
  • Screwdriver bit length, mm
  • Type of enclosure
  • Suitable for impact
  • Units per pack, pcs.

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Screwdriver head type: PH
Nozzle size: PH2
Screwdriver bit length, mm: 25
Type of enclosure: Hex 1/4
Suitable for impact: Yes
Units per pack, pcs.: 2