SPECIALIST+ screwdriver bit TORX GRIP, T30, 50mm, 2 pcs

Product code: 24/2-071

• Manufacturer Specialist+
• Tip type TX
• Length of the twisting tip 50 mm.
• Type of shank Hex 1/4
• Nozzle size TX30

S2 premium steel for strength and durability.
"Torsion tip shape absorbs sudden screw stops.
Multi-stage hardened steel for maximum strength.
Precise tip geometry for perfect grip on the propeller.
Shape and design:

Specialist+ Torx Grip patented shape - can be turned with one hand.
Extended tips for hard-to-reach areas.
TORX type tip - multiple contact points with the screw, so it rarely slips out of the socket.
Precise tip geometry - perfect grip on the screw.
"Torsion tip shape absorbs sudden screw stops.

S2 premium steel for strength and durability.
Steel hardened in several stages for maximum strength.
Additional information:

Can be used with impact driver.

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  • Manufacturer
  • Type of rotating nozzle
  • Nozzle size
  • Length of twist nozzle, mm
  • Type of enclosure
  • Suitable for impact
  • Units per pack

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Type of rotating nozzle: TX
Nozzle size: T30
Length of twist nozzle, mm: 50
Type of enclosure: Hex 1/4
Suitable for impact: +
Units per pack: 2