SPECIALIST+ level LEVEL, 100cm

Product code: 28-779SP/100

It is an excellent level for a handyman. We will not praise it, we will simply tell you 5 essential advantages thereof and it will be up to you to decide: 1. Maximum accuracy: 0.5 mm/m. 2. 10-year warranty for accuracy. 3. Strong profile (570 g/m aluminium body, 2 mm thickness of the base of aluminium profile). 4. Protective rubber ends protect even when falling from a big height. 5. Milled, perfectly even base of the level for accurate measuring (length up to 120 cm). One more important detail is that the level is equipped with especially convenient rubber fasteners which are very useful when you need to mark lines - the level stays on the wall even when you keep it pressed by a few fingers; therefore, marking is much more convenient. All levels have been tested electronically; therefore, they are 100% accurate. However it is still a measuring instrument and it is advisable to check accuracy when buying because there is a chance that accuracy could have been impaired on the long road from the factory to the user.

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Length of the spirit level, cm: 100
Type of spirit level: Mechanical