SPECIALIST+ diamond grinding plate BASIC, 125mm

Product code: 37-002

- Diamond disc for use with a 125 mm angle grinder,
by clamping the disc in the yoke.
- Can be worked dry, without water.
- Two rows of diamond segments for efficient work and long life
long life.

The tool is used for:

- Concrete grinding.
- For grinding masonry.
- For grinding stone.
- For scrubbing seams left over after casting.
- To remove old paint.

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10.51 €

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  • Manufacturer
  • Disc diameter, mm
  • Purpose
  • Disc inner diameter
  • Use dry / with water

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Disc diameter, mm: 125
Purpose: Betono šlifavimui
Disc inner diameter: 22
Use dry / with water: With water / Dry