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Specialist+ Plaster Base primer is designed for strengthening plaster, plasterboard, concrete or other mineral surfaces prior to rendering and between rendered layers. For interior and exterior application. Characteristics: dried primer forms a film, reduces water absorption and ensures dust “binding” quality; water-based; mild specific odour. Surface preparation: the surface to be primed must be clean, firm and dry. Remove adhesion-reducing substances: fat, grease, dust, glue, mortar residue, old peeling paint or chalk coating. Application conditions: during application and drying, the temperature of the base and ambient temperature must be at least + 5 °C, the optimal priming conditions are at a temperature of + 20 °C and a relative humidity of 65%. Priming: apply an even layer of primer with a brush. Surfaces with high moisture absorption (e.g., silicate blocks) must be primed twice; the second layer must be applied only after the first primer layer is completely dry. When priming weak surfaces (e.g., old or crumbling plaster), apply 1-2 layer of generous amount of primer without waiting for it to dry. Costs: 50-200 ml/m² depending on the absorbency of the surface. Drying time: at a temperature of +20 C and a relative air humidity of 65%, fully dries in 1 - 3 hours.

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