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Specialist+ Colour base primer is intended for priming all rendered surfaces prior to painting, as well as for strengthening weak surfaces. For interior and exterior application. Characteristics: primer is characterised by extremely small particles allowing it to penetrate deeply into the surface, strengthening it without forming a film layer before painting. The primer has a mild specific odour. Surface preparation: the surface to be primed must be clean, firm and dry. Remove adhesion-reducing substances: fat, grease, dust, glue, mortar residue, old peeling paint or chalk coating. Application conditions: during application and drying, the temperature of the base and ambient temperature must be at least + 5 °C, the optimal priming conditions are at a temperature of + 20 °C and a relative humidity of 65%. Priming: stir well, do not dilute. Apply evenly with a brush. Repeat application, if required. Second layer may be applied after the first layer is dry. Surfaces with an applied primer layer can be rendered or painted only after it has completely dried. Costs: 50-200 ml/m² depending on the absorbency of the surface. Drying time: at an air temperature of +20 C and a relative air humidity of 65%: 3-6 hours.

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