T-key Hex 4x150 MM

Product code: 42-C6684

T-type HEX key with handle.

Made of chromium-vanadium steel (CR-V), the use of chromium guarantees the steel's resistance to corrosion, oxidation, abrasion and high strength at high temperatures, while the addition of vanadium also influences the high temperature resistance and does not deform.
The contoured shape of the handle allows more torsional force to be transmitted and provides greater working comfort.
• Type: HEX 4.
• Length 150 mm.
Hexagonal shaft with spherical head for trouble-free tilting up to 25°.

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2.44 €

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  • Manufacturer
  • Key length, mm
  • Hexagonal tip size
  • Hexagonal key type
  • Hexagonal with round end

This combination does not exist.

Manufacturer: Richmann
Key length, mm: 150
Hexagonal tip size: 4
Hexagonal key type: HEX
Hexagonal with round end: +