FISCHER adjustable screw (box) JUSS 6 x 145

Product code: 61-59047

Fischer adjustable screw JUSS is a special screw with two threads for fast and infinitely adjustable installation of timber constructions. The self-tapping screw is driven in through the component and the parallel thread brings the component down towards the ground. This means that the distance between the component and the ground can be infinitely adjusted by the opposite rotation direction. The fischer adjustable screw is ideal for fixing timber substructures made from slats with a thickness of 20 to 25 mm.
• Effect. anchorage depth: 30 mm
• Max. distance: 115 mm
• Screw dimension: 6.0 x 145 mm
• Drive: TX25
• Length: 145 mm
• Max. adjustment travel: 90 mm
• Amount: 100 pcs.

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