HSS drill bit 5.2mm

Product code: 64/2-0052


- HSS COBALT metal, steel with 5% cobalt, less heating (drilling
drilling for longer periods of time) and is stronger.

Shape and construction:

- Double drill sharpening.
- 135° drill tip allows for straightness when drilling harder drill bits.
The drill bit is designed to drill through steeper materials.
- Hardened, gold surface finish for greater durability.
- Professional shank machining for precision drilling and fast chip removal
For fast deburring.
- Set of 10 pieces for this drill.


- In V2A steel drilling.
- In V4A steel drilling.
- In V4A cast iron drilling.
- In titanium drilling.
- Drilling of hard materials up to 1100 N/mm2.

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Diameter, mm: 5.1
Working Length, mm: 52
Overall length, mm: 86