SPECIALIST+ wall infrared heater, 1500W

Product code: 68/1-002

Featuring protection against atmospheric impact and is excellent for outdoor spaces, terraces, cafés and workstations. High resistance (IP65) to water allows application even in high-humidity places with water penetration hazard or extreme humidity level. High-quality heating element, wall-mounted. Power 1500 W. Dimension: length: 54 cm. height 10 cm. width 8 cm.

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77.23 €

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(77.23 € / Units)
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  • Moisture resistance
  • Unit power, kW
  • Heating area, m²
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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Moisture resistance: IP65
Unit power, kW: 1,5
Heating area, m²: 6-8
Type of heater: Hanging