SPECIALIST+ SDS+ self-sharpening pointed chisel

Product code: 77-005

Form and design:

- The unique shape of the chisel makes it possible to work for longer periods of time without having to sharpen the tool.
- The twisted shape of the point means less sticking, more efficient forging, longer tool life
stays sharp longer.
- Slowly chiming and low-string chisel saves time.
- Made in Germany.

The tool is used for:

- For dismantling bricks.
- For breaking concrete.
- For breaking stone.
- For dismantling floor slabs.

9.10 € 9.1 EUR 9.10 €

9.10 €

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(9.10 € / Units)
  • Manufacturer
  • Overall length, mm
  • Stem type
  • Chisel shape

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Manufacturer: Specialist+
Overall length, mm: 250
Stem type: SDS PLUS
Chisel shape: Spike