Main stand Sp+ 60x220 Full KIT

Product code: 86-0750

A standard trade stand, with perforated walls, placed at
wall, with advertising on top. The stand is designed for adhesive tapes, but is perfectly
suitable for other products. Dimensions.
(bottom shelf) 59 cm.

Here you can order the following sets and parts:

86-0750 main stand. The set includes all necessary parts: legs
and legs (2 pieces each), a taller (45x60) perforated wall (1 piece), the following
the same size plain wall (1 piece) and the lower (30x60) perforated wall (2 pieces)
2 pieces), transverse bracing (2 pieces), the sides of the lower shelf (2 pieces) and
front and top (1 piece each). Also a metal frame for advertising (1 piece).
Value ± €150 (excl. VAT)

86-0751 shelf for adhesive tapes. This is a stand specifically designed for this stand
slanted shelf with adjustable width dividers. The shelf is supplied with
includes: shelf brackets (2 pcs.), clips (4 pcs.), front fence
(1 piece), dividers (6 pieces), top/base (1 piece) and transparent price
price strip (1 piece).

86-xxxx accessory kit for the bottom shelf, if you want to display
adhesive tapes. The set consists of a front fence (1 piece), dividers (6
6 pieces) and transparent price tape (1 piece).

For this stand, order a banner with a height of 224 mm and a width of
600 mm. One-sided translucent advertising panels are proposed and can be
with additional lamps (for illuminated signs) and double-sided advertising
(non-translucent) with the Specialist+ sign on one side and
an image of adhesive tapes on the other.

Order the hooks from the stand accessories section.

You can choose between new parts or used parts. New parts will be
more expensive. Used parts will be cheaper or free, but may show
signs of wear.

If you are setting up two or more stands next to each other, connect the stands side by side.
Stands are joined together by mounting the parts on the board between the stands
a common leg. If more stands are joined, there will be loose parts (legs and feet),
return them to the warehouse.

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