SPECIALIST+ diamond grinding plate, type T, 125x22 mm
This diamond tool is intended for use with 125 mm angle grinder without water. For medium hard materials such as concrere, concrete products, masonry, stone. Two line of diamond segments ensure efficient operation and long service life. It is ideal for concrete imperfections, seams remaining after casting, removal of old paint.
Product code: 37-001
17.58 € 17.580000000000002 EUR
SPECIALIST+ diamond grinding plate BASIC, 125mm
- Diamond disc for use with a 125 mm angle grinder,
by clamping the disc in the yoke.
- Can be worked dry, without water.
- Two rows of diamond segments for efficient work and long life
long life.

The tool is used for:

- Concrete grinding.
- For grinding masonry.
- For grinding stone.
- For scrubbing seams left over after casting.
- To remove old paint.
Product code: 37-002
10.51 € 10.51 EUR